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About the Academy

About The Academy

The AKORITA ACADEMY was started in Spring 2020 by Caroline Akorita. Originally from Nigeria, Caroline has made the United Kingdom her home for many years now. Caroline has a history of helping people in all walks of life with events, activities, support and quite simply by caring.

In Spring 2020, Caroline starting working with a group of children from a variety of backgrounds in her native Nigeria. It became very clear within a short space of time, that there was a huge demand to help children that had a desire to create a company of their own. They had the ideas, they had the energy, they had the desire. All they needed was for someone to help channel this.

Very soon more and more people could see the potential in helping these children and before long a fully-formed programme was developed to nurture the children’s ideas. The programme currently runs in Nigeria and is getting ready to be rolled out in Ghana and beyond.

The AKORITA ACADEMY is a non-profit organisation currently funded entirely out of our own pockets.